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Hi everyone

Heading down to Culburra and Crookhaven area in the winter.

1. Any tips on good spots to take the kids fishing? On google maps i can see the wharfs at the Crookhaven heads boat ramps?

2. Anyone fished off the rocks at Penguin Head ? Is it easily accessible?

3. Does crookhaven heads hold squid? again looks like alot of weed beds around the crookhaven boat ramps.

Any info would be appreciated.


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I grew up fishing Culburra and fished the place hard for 20+ years before moving a little further down the coast.

Crookhaven Heads is a great place to take the kids and anywhere around the river mouth from the boat ramp wharf, out to under the lighthouse is always worth a fish. In winter the closer you fish to the mouth, the better the chance you'll have at picking up some nice bream. The bottom half of the run out tide is always the best.

If the kids are young I wouldn't take them down the track at Penguin Head as its steep and it would be far safer to walk around from the surf club car park or Tilbury Cove. There's a great little gutter for them to have a throw just inside the point on the south side that's well protected from any swell. Out on the ocean side there's a couple of good drummer spots and the flat ledges either side of the headland are worth a throw for groper or a spin for salmon and tailor. Again, this area fishes better on the low tide.

There are squid in the area, but they can be pretty hit and miss. You'll do best casting a jig over the kelp beds in the sheltered little bays around the ocean facing rocks. You can get the occasional arrow squid in the river if you can find a spot out of the current.

Greenwell Point is another good place to take the kids. There's plenty of low rockwall that will be protected from the winter, westerly winds along with the trawler wharf, that fishes surprisingly well. Also you have a terrific fish and chip shop there that is constantly winning awards.

If there's anything else I can possibly help with, feel free to PM me.

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Spent my childhood at the Greenwell Point wharf and eating at the fish and chips shop. Amazing oysters and fresh prawns there too. Worth a trip even if you don’t go there for a fish.

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