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FNQ Sneaky Fishing Advice


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OK Raiders – after what seems to be an eternity we are going on a decent holiday (as opposed to daytrips / overnighters that have been the case in the past year).  About 8 days in FNQ, Palm Cove and Port Douglas, mid July.  Woot Woot.  Looking at some maps – my keen eyes noticed the expanse of blue to the right which got me thinking.  I have a travel rod that I accidentally bought (long story), maybe I could sneak off for quiet fish ??  I have a few questions thou, if someone with local experience could help – it would much appreciated

The Trip – This is holiday with friends who are not interested in fishing at all and I am only looking to sneak away few times for a few hours max.  Not interested in gearing up for a proper fishing holiday.  Looked at local fishing websites but vast majority are big buck fishing charters out on the reefs (not feasible for this trip)

Location – likewise I am limited to being land based on local water ways that I can walk to (not even sure if we will have a car).  Any suggestions where ?? 

Gear –– Effectively I am limited to my travel rod, and I intend only to take one reel and a selection of SP and maybe some hard bodies – just enough to fit into a small bumbag.   Basically, it’s bream gear that I use in the Parra.  The rod is only an ultra-light (ABU Veritas 1-3 kg, 6'10") but has an adjustable action (different sections).  Realistically is that too light for the local species ?? Similarly I mostly have 6lb braid but have a spare spool of 10lb – OK ?

Lures – what I have in terms of lures are the usual suspects for the targeting Sydney Bream in the Parra.  Are these feasible for the local species ??  Are there  others that are the "go to" lures in that region ??

Air Travel – I understand that hooks, pliers and braid are not allowed in cabin luggage (is braid allowed at all, even in checked luggage ??) but a travel rod in its casing should be fine in the cabin??  

Cheers and TIA 

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Im planning to move up there in the next couple of years. Its great for fishing the reefs but these are a fair run out, hence why I take my boat when I head up there.

Im not sure whether you can fish in the marina but last time I was there we saw plenty of fish cruising around the shallows, including some good sized cobia. The entrance to the river where people tend to gather on sunset had big trevaly and queenfish smashing small bait fish late in the day. 

Between Port Douglas and the Daintree ferry is a boat ramp to open ocean where Ive launched before. This ramp has a man made outcrop of large rocks that seemed like a good place to fish. We saw numerous schools of fish from this ramp area including turtles and small sharks.

Sorry I can't be more help as most of my fishing has been from my boat. 

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never been to Port Douglas but I've fished in FNQ a bit now have done a couple of trips fishing land based and exploring, get on google maps and look for boat ramps and bridges as well as any other public access points, street view is really good for this. 

Your set-up is quite light but should be ok for smaller fish, lures like zman grubz and slim swimz would work ok with a light setup, you should be able to get some small trevs, cod and pikey bream. There should be plenty of potential freshwater creeks around PD where you could potentially chase JP's and sooties.

Keep crocs in mind especially fishing landbased, there's no shortage of them 


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Hi Otto,

I'll let the more experienced fishos comment on the gear, but make sure you bring a good insect repellent and keep it with your gear! Around dusk and dawn the sandflies are vicious and their bites itch for months and then scar. I've slipped up twice on very short sessions and paid dearly each time.

I had a routine skin cancer checkup a few weeks ago and the dermatologist was more interested in my sandfly scars than my moles and freckles!

On the gear side, bring some bait jigs for Palm Cove as you can catch yourself some bait off the wharf. Maybe a heavy handline for fishing with bait if you can't stretch to a heavier outfit. I've travelled with travel rods in carry on before. I just wrapped my reels in clothes and put them in my checked luggage.

In Port Douglas, keep an eye out for ARCHER FISH next to the marina! (I wasn't fishing, just very excited to see them!). Oh, and make sure you have a beer in the brewery on the marina.

Have a great time - I'm a little bit jealous!


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Thanks Fellas

So all I need to do is watch out for crocs and if they do not get me I can look forward to being stung by sandflies followed by excruciating pain and scars in the future 

And if I can avoid all that if (big if) I get a bite chances are i'll get busted off 

All right !!!!! 

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