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Where does the bomb go?

Newport Nuffy

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Hi all,

I am new to down rigging - will be giving it a crack this Thursday for the first time.  Bought myself a Scotty 1085 with a 7 pound bomb.  The question (probably not the brightest one ever posted on Fish Raider) is, should I disconnect the bomb from the cable when I am underway?  Logically I would say yes and stow it away in a drawer or something similar so as to not put stress on the arm or risk a smash against the gel coat (if it bounces out of the cup holder for example), but the connection clip is incredibly tight and difficult to use.

Apologies for the basic question, but I hope someone can set me right before I head off!

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Ive got a Scotty 1085 thats 9 years old and cops a flogging-i usually run a bit of line out (first thing you should do is pull the wire off and chuck it and put 200lb braid on) and drop the bomb in the side pocket of my boat-its fine there. When im not using the rigger i wrap the bomb in rags and stuff it into an old bag so it doesnt roll around. The clips arent that great-i just use a 400lb gamefishing snap swivel-until it loosens up use your pliers-if you have any other questions ask away.

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oh-most important info to stay safe using a downrigger-have a set routine . This is mine

1. boat in gear moving forward-down sea is safest

2. rod in holder bail arm open

3. downrigger bomb tight up against arm

4. put hook through bait (i mainly livebait) and feed it out-i usually drop it back about 10 meters

5. clip line into clip

6. wind the downrigger to depth (i never let it fly out, too many whacked knuckles, and braid or wire getting under the downrigger spool )-about half water depth is usually a great starting point-also if your depth guage on the rigger dies the Scotty 1085 lets out about 2 feet per wind of the handle .

7. when you get to the depth you want stop the rigger-put the reel in gear and wind the line tight.

8. when you get a bite keep driving forward until the hookup is certain and then keep driving forward until the bomb is out of the water.

9. if you get a bite that misses but has knocked the line out of the clip-flip the bail arm open as fast as you can -kings will come back if the bait is still there-mackeral on the other hand wont.

10. if you are winding your gear in keep the boat moving forward-flick your rod tip up to trip the clip , and wind your gear and the bomb in

You will notice a constant theme here-be like a shark when you have a downrigger deployed-KEEP MOVING FORWARD-never go neutral.



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