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Snyder or Butterworth


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Scored again today, a beast of a rod MT9132. It came out of the same tackle store at Budgewoi as the other ones. Make a good break wall Jewie rod.EA3518E0-CAC9-4EC6-AFF0-2371BCBBCA4A.thumb.jpeg.0af3f7cb30861137f85cca444a4a60ba.jpeg

The main part of the rod is sanded the butt isn’t. My first thought were Butterworth but could it be Snyder glad as the model number includes an H. MT9132H which probably stand for High Mount. I’ve seen it on Snyder’s before. 
Probably dates from the late 70’s like the others. Any thoughts, can you tell by the pattern in the glass.


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Another nice score and a beast of a blank. I bet it weighs a bit.

The colour of the blank looks the same as some of my Butterworths from the 70's and 80's, so I'd say yours is the same.

The "H" I believe stands for heavy as many blank codes ended in L, M, or H depending on how many wraps of 'glass they had.

I still have my Butterworth FSU4 120, which was my breakwall jew rod back in the day. A light, 4 wrap blank that got its strength from its large diameter.

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