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Botany Bay


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I fish the bay a fair bit but I’m no expert on jewies. From what I understand Como, the mouth of the Georges, both the bridges, the goynes "spelling" over ot Brighton and the end of the 3rd runway all can produce jewies. :thumbup:

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thank's Tyson matey we will have to do it soon sometime !!!!!!

and kikila IDidn't get the chance to fish for jew's

But i did get a feed of whiting to 35cm+ a few good bream the best at37 cm (on bait)

and the usual baby bream , snapper and whiting.

Oh yeah and i broke my chrissy pressie in with a nice shovel nose at i loved watch swim away !!!!

anyway Tyson have a good day out with Joe in the harbour!!!

Laurie :1fishing1:

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Guest Sea Jay

Thanks for that mate i am heading out there this morning, and whiting are one of my favourite fish to eat so a feed on those would be great!!

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By your report you had a good day, sea jay

Hope it wasn't as busy as boxing day matey

It's just good to be out there !!!!

Laurie :1fishing1:

:Funny-Post: BOXING DAY was absolutely F****N packed on the bay....

im suprised theres only a couple of reports coming frm the last couple of days...

well done to u fisherman too

cheers steve

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