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Through hull transducer


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Hi guys. I intend on buying a Lowrance 9" sounder/gps combo for the Savage and they come with a triple shot transducer, quiet a cumbersome long state of affairs that in my opinion could be easily damaged if boat is beached etc.

I was wondering if any of you blokes have had any knowledge of someone installing the transducer inside the hull of a aluminium boat, through hull ? .

I need to mount a bilge pump for bait tank and was thinking of using the transducer bracket which is welded to the hull ( factory ) transom of boat so I don't have to drill holes in the transom.

Which brings me to another question.

If it's needed to mount the transducer to the transom as normally would be, how close you you be able to mount a bilge pump to the transducer as to not get interference on the sounder when pump is running ?. I know pump won't be on all that often and not for long but sometimes it may be needed just at the wrong time.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Ive always fitted those directly to the hull inline with the centre of my outboard. Sikaflex and and four tiny screws is all that's needed and it doesn't interfere with the prop performance. This mounting option is the reason you can alter which side of the boat is showing left and right in sidescan mode. If its fitted using the transducer bracket you shouldn't need to change the left right option on the head unit but if you fit it directly to the hull the transducer will show the opposite and need flipping in the menu.

By having the transducer fitted directly to the hull, sits it in clean water which greatly helps with high speed readings and also prevents spray like you get with the bracket mount. Im referring to the long skinny sidescan multi transducer.

In saying that, I no longer use lowrance (Nacico) products and moved to Garmin.

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