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Advice On Patonga


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I'm camping up at Patonga in late January. we have been there many times now and love the laid back camp site, however this is my first year up there with a boat.

Any advice? I have fished in the Hawkesbury only once before on a boat, and without much success. Should we just stick to juno point and flint and steel, or are there other places that should be hit?


oh yeah, if there are any land based loacals from up that way who want to do some fishing from a boat, you are more than welcome to come out. I'm up there with the mrs and her mother so another fishos company would be awesome

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theres great fishing in patonga creek. I dont know what your favourite target species is, but heres some suggestions. Our fishing club goes to patonga twice a year and has done for a long time so you get to pick up a few pointers from the more knowledgable(elder :1prop: ) fishos :thumbup:

The racks up the creek hold bream if you like to flick SP's.

There is also some good flatties in the creek. I prefer up further past the racks and pro boats where it widens to reveal a nice sand bank which holds millions of nippers and soldier crabs (best at half tides but lots of options). once you pump your nippers, there is also great whiting fishing up there.

The crabs dont last long when cast near the racks for bream.

nippers work well on the drift along with prawns for flatties up there(its also a great spot to swim)

right out front of the camping area(more so in front of the BBQ area) at a rising tide you get a nice eddie there where you can pick up heaps of poddies in a decent home made poddy trap.

These are better fished in the deeper holes and channel for flatties.

You can fish all these places in between tides if you are fishing juno etc for Jew.

Good luck. :thumbup:


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