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Lake Lyell


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I'm off to Lithgow for a pre-back-to-work getaway with the :wife: at that resort above lake lyell. Are there trout there this time of year? How's the level? Should I go to TCD instead? Is trout fishing on at all this time of year? :1fish:

i fish lyell quite often, and found the fish in summer are alot larger then in winter, but are much harder to find. I have never stayed at the hotel, it looks expansive, tell me how it is. good luck

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Accommodation was nice, but the water near where I was staying was pretty disgusting. I had heard that before, but it wasn't nice. Closer to the wall would have been better, but I didn't get a chance. Having your line come out of the water green is a bit gross... :puke:

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Sorry I wasn't online till now but you found out what I would have told you........blue-green algae is thick up the back of the lake.

Fishing can be just as good in summer as it is in winter.

Early starts in the morning and late arvo/evenings.

During the day it's a case of fishing deep.

cheers :beersmile:


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