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Landbased, Bantry bay??


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Hi raiders,

Google earthing some possible sand flats (for that top water hit!) and eyeing off the tasty morsel that looks like bantry bay.

Question can you get down to the sand flats from the land? I see there's a few walking tracks around but its hard to tell if leads direct to the water or if there ledges that drop off and the like.

Any inside info appreciated


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From wikipedia:


"there are good views of the site from the eastern side of Bantry Bay, which can be accessed from the Timbergetter's track, which starts at Seaforth Oval. Walking tracks also go around the west side of the magazines, providing access from the nearby residential area of Killarney Heights."

The area around the magazine is off limits, but I have seen people walking on the eastern side.


I haven't been super lucky with catching fish there, just once catching a school busting up in the mouth of the bay.  (Why hello there, Watson's Leaping Bonito...do leap aboard!) 


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