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Ok Its Finally New Rod Time


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Hi folks - i'm now kinda settled here in our nations capital and i need to get fishing - place is super boring otherwise.

I need a Rod to match a Shimano Stadic 1000 for fresh water fishing (i'm assuming it will translate to breaming as well)

I fish mainly SPs and in salt target bream and lizards and my budget is about $200 (second hand is good cause i reckono you get better value)

I want to continue SPs in the fresh for trout and anything else that may swim in Lake Burleigh Griffin (3 eyed fish exempt)

Must be 2 piece. Also anybody used those traveling rods (4 piece) i was thinking that these might be a go if i travel overseas for work.

Any help much appreciated - Cheers PW!

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Studwick sic stic 1-3kg awsome rod for bream and can pull bigger fish also its 7 foot and can whip plastics well the only thing is it might not balance well with a 1000 take your reel when you go and try it out.

These reels go for 110 - 140 bucks good value and they are a 2 piece.

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