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Simrad SS3D v 3in1AI


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Hi all. Checked search but couldn't locate anything in direct response or otherwise fairly old.


Just wondering how to go about selecting 3dss vs 3in1 for those who ideally have used both, but either/or would undoubtedly shed some light.


What I have been told is 3in1 will provide better picture but shorter range, whereas 3d has longer range I think 800khz v 455khz. Obviously 3in1 doesn't have 3d, but both have side and down imaging

The questions arising from this include (but certainly not limited to)

What kind of depths in reality are we talking about effectiveness and usability  with each unit

What kind of distance to the sides 

Are fish able to be identified on either

How useful is the 3d and in what circumstances while fishing

If you are looking at a wreck just as an example, would both not show where it is in relation to boat, its orientation  etc... just trying to understand the fundamental benefits or use cases one has over the other

What kind of criteria should be used in deciding between the two 


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