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Is it worth getting a Navionics platinum + card


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Hello Raiders, 

I am looking at either upgrading the maps on my sounder from CMAP 4D to Navionics + or Platinum + or adding a Lowrance Point 1 external gps/compass 

First question is which is the best upgrade the point 1 or the maps upgrade. 

2nd Question is is it worth the extra money for platinum +. 

Thanks in advance 


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Point one is something I would hate to be without having used one since they first came out. Being part of the nmea 2000 network means my lowrance point one has worked with simrad and Garmin on my boats. 

As for the platinum + this does require you to download the additional sea floor charts as they are to large to have in total on the platinum chart itself. There is also an added yearly subscription with platinum + if you download the seafloor charts. There'e no yearly subscription with the standard charts on platinum + which are the same as platinum, the plus simply gives you the reveal style charts and adds subscription. 

There is also the option of reveal charts which are pre loaded and have no yearly subscription, however these are greatly lacking for offshore beyond the continental shelf. Inshore they are fabulous but not everywhere has been surveyed. The $39 Navionics app will show you what is surveyed and what isn't but just remember the offshore stuff you see on the phone app isn't as detailed off the shelf. The phone app can be used offshore as long as you have phone coverage, again this one has a yearly subscription.

Garmin used G3 vision without yearly subscriptions but does again involve having to download extremely large file showing surveyed seafloor charts. 


This shows the reveal chart and also the Garmin G3, which are both the same.



With this you can see how lacking the reveal becomes offshore compared to Garmin G3


Again offshore comparison.



This is the sea mounts out from my area on the phone app.



One of the guys I fish with has just replaced his platinum + for reveal charts as he found it to complicated to down load the more detailed charts onto his simrads. I can ask what he did with his platinum + if interested. I also have a simrad, lowrance B&G computable reveal chart which Im going to sell having just sold my simrad head unit (the one in these photo's). I wouldn't sell it without personally putting into a buyers head unit to show it works having had an issue in the past selling a card.

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2 hours ago, Blade said:

Thanks @JonD really appreciate the detailed response.

I have a Furuno Gp1971f which shops with CMAP 4d,do you know how the CMAP compare to the Platinum version of Navionics,  doea CMAP offer a reveal product


I believe Garmin own the mapping which is licensed out to the other brands but the information is the same, yes Cmap do reveal https://www.c-map.com/all-charts/reveal/

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