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G'day all,

just a quick report to let you know that there are still kingfish in Pittwater. Headed out from Bayview at 6am and for the next 3 hrs tried to catch squid. Eventually caught one at the Basin and slow trolled up to Scotland Isalnd. Got a hit in the moorings around Scotland Island and pulled in a 61cm Kingie. :thumbup:

No pics as it too difficult to hold a camera and a squirmimg fish at the same time. Into the esky for dinner tonight.



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We where chasing a few bream and whiting in the shallows today when 2-3 SOLID kings beached up half a school of big hardy heads but moved on too quicky for me to change to a lure..Was amazing to watch..good sign but defiently very dissapointed about the 3.5 tonne catch taken from the area :mad3:

oh and we picked up a few whiting and bream to 36cm throwing nippers on sandpatches amongst the weed :thumbup:

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