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Sunday Afternoon (15 Jan 05)

Guest madsmc

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Planned to fish the Lake with one of our new members scottish (aka Gordon) and his Dad on Sunday. The weather was a bit on the ordinary side in the morning, so we launched Gordon's tinnie at Valentine around midday.

Anchored up in fairly shallow water around the Green Point area, and got a berley trail started. For the next two hours we proceeded to pull in just about every undersized fish in the lake! Bream, Squire and one lone chopper tailor. Plenty of fish, just no size to them.

We moved out into a deeper section of water, and started to berley again. Once again, only a few small fish were landed. We tied on some Squidgy fish and did a drift back towards the western end of the lake hoping for a flathead or two, but it just wasn't happening. :thumbdown:

Many thanks to you Gordon for a good afternoon on the water, I had a top time even though we couldn't find fish of size. Hopefully your next trip on the lake will be a bit more productive. :thumbup:



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