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Trying Out A New Spot


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I have been scoping out a few new land based options lately and I wanted to try the woronora bridge at night

So last night with the tides looking favourable I called a mate and after work we headed down for the tide change and a bit of a look see

The plan was to spin plastics at the bridge pylons and surounding areas under the lights that were attracting baitfish.

We started on the Sutherland side and lost 3 Yum plastics in as many cast and decided a change of plan was needed. I could hear bream munching oysters under the bridge so I down graded leader and tied on an SX40 and stared working the pylons. Second cast came up trumps with a 40 cm flatty and 4 casts later after a few good bumps I got slammed on a pause. with a decent bend in the rod I worked the fish away from the structure. Once landed I turned my headlamp on expecting a bream and what do you know an EP :yahoo: my first onc it was 30 cm so to say I was happy is an understatment. 3 Flatties later and we relocated to the bridge itself and started working bigger plastics along the shadow lines in hope for a bigger flatty or hopefully a jew.

We had some big hits and I dropped a fish without seeing it :mad3: and 5 casts later I felt a good hit and struck I felt head shakes and got excited and proceded to scull drag a flatty to the surface he was between 60 and 70 cm I walked him to the beach and went to get my ruler and when I came back the cheeky bugger had spat the lure and wiggled down the beach to get his freedom all I could do was laugh. The total for the night was 8 flatties and one EP all released with only 2 flatties being undersized. I will definately be back there in the future.

Do any othere raiders fish this spot I would like any tips if possible but I guess working out new spots is all part of the fun

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Nice going there Mark ,sounds like a very nice session and to get an EP and your first is a great effort :thumbup:

Cheers Swordfisherman

p.s where are the pics MATE

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Well done on that set of fish Sharky. A pb EP and a 60-70cm flathead is a great way to christen a new spot. :thumbup:

Bit of bad luck on the missed hits, and that dropped fish, but you'll come up solid on one soon enough if you're getting hit on a regular basis.

Here's my tip: Keep doing what you're doing. Seems to be working out pretty well. :biggrin2:



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