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Best Rod Holders


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im having the same problem tassie pat I have just been using bent pvc pipe on my canoe and almost lost an expensive rod to a snag yesterday and have decided not to troll until i can get some decent rodholders. would love to hear some more opinions :1fishing1: troutboy

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G'day there Pat

Here's a pic of the rodholders I use for trolling up trout, Berkley brand and about $30 each. :1fishing1:

post-9-1138094332_thumb.jpg post-9-1138094374_thumb.jpg

Don't know if they're the best but they seem to suit me and IMHO are good enough for trout especially if you, like me, use a low profile baitcaster for trolling as well as spin rods.

I also have the Berkley quickset ones, I don't really recommend them for trolling with if you have rods with short butts but I still do use them at different stages and still good enough for what I need. :biggrin2:


Hope this helps.



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