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Harrington Tips


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Hey all,

I am heading up to Harrington with a few mates next week for a few days of :1fishing1: and :beersmile: and was hoping to get some advice for fishing in the Harrington area.

We will be land based mostly, but we may hire a boat up there for some river fishing.

Any tips, spots for that area is much appreciated.


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the wall fishes well for bream, baits like bonito and slimy mackeral pieces go good. the estuaries should be going beserk with flathead around now. Speak to John at the local tackle shop there, he knows the area better than anyone and he will put you onto the fish.

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G'day bloke,

The back waters are your best bet if you want to go landbased or wading for flatties and whiting.

The rock wall is also good for a stroll and a cast into the backwaters as well for bream and flatties.

Jewies should be still around off the breakwall (so I'm told) so give that a go.

You'll get a boat out through the entrance but only a decent sized one although I have gone out through there in a 5 metre boat. My cousin takes his medium sized cruiser out through there quite regularly with no hassles but your real best bet is Crowdy Head. Heaps of ramp/parking area and wash down area.

Crowdy is always good off the stones and if you have a 4WD you can hit the beach for a fish at Crowdy and head north. Plan your beach trip before going so you don't get stuck with the high tide.

I went on at Crowdy a couple of weeks ago and the beach was very flat and the high tide almost goes right up to the dunes.

If you want a good pub meal drop in at the Coopernook hotel, Harrington hotel is good but Coopernook is better. (A very biased opinion by the way :biggrin2: )

Anyways, there's heaps of options for ya in and around Harrington and if you want more up to date/realtime fishing info stop in at the tackle shop at Harrington (Ritchies Bait and Tackle) and ask for Craig. Tell him I sent you and you want all the info he's got on how and where to fish at Harrington, for a fee of course. :1fishing1:



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