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Tailor in Botany


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Went for a fish on Thursday afternoon in Botany with dad. A bit more wind around than expected but pretty good conditions otherwise.

Launched in Sylvania (is Kurnell fixed or is still a giant sand pit?), tried the shallow areas near the bridges for flathead but nothing was interested. Motored across to the tugs to get some livies got distracted by the giant bust ups throughout the bay, schools of birds and what looked to be predominantly tailor but none of them were interested in the 10g metal lures we were using. Only bite happened when one ate my swivel, so potentially they were feeding on fish smaller than me lure.

Having wasted the best part of an hour we gave up and continued on to look for livies. Quiet at first but managed a couple, dropped them down in yarra Bay but they were left untouched.

Things were looking pretty bleak until we tried the schools again just before sunset. Then it was a fish, or multiple fish, per cast. Not sure what changed, as my lure hadnt - but as long as the cast landed in the bust ups I was on. Multiple times I would hook up, fish would jump off and another jump on, all the way up to the boat. A couple caught me completely by surprise they were so close to the boat.

All of those I hooked, bar two, were 31-34 cm.


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