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Any One Keen In Bass Bashin With Me


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Guest lbgking

hi guys and gals im just wondering if any from the st clair, penrith, st marys, mt druitt area is interested in goin fishing for some bass please let me now. cheers :1fishing1:

Hi Mate,

The river is shot at the moment. Too much weed and murky from the recent rain. Regatta centre is open Sunday 10-5 if interested?

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hey dude i use to fish the nepean river while i was studying at the uni.

just before sundown you will catch some decent bass if you use worms :) they fight like hell.

also if you goto the boat ramp again an hour or so before sun down and burly with bread and you will see those 50cm mullets in 10000s!!!!

my mate and I caught about 50 in an hour some even a double hooker awesome fun :) though as people say the waters bit polluted so it was all catch and release for us...

ps many people do catch them and eat them so i guess its ok (i won't as theres more parasites in freshwater)

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