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Wanted - Kingfish Instruction

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Hi All

Is anybody available to provide kingfish instruction?  I have (most of) the gear, but no idea.  Instruction wanted on identifying locations to find kingies and best way to persuade them to experience life above the briny.

If somebody is able to provide instruction, I can provide...

  • A boat (and more than happy to cover fuel, snacks, drinks, water).  The boat is a Stejcraft 640 with safety gear for going out the heads.  I have a single downrigger, but no live bait tank.  I usually launch from Roseville.
  • My spinning rods are set up relatively light, but I also have overhead rods set up with 40lb mono.  Again, happy to listen to advice from experienced heads in this regard.
  • Bait, if needed, but I understand that catching fresh/live bait is preferrable...which is another area that my skills are patchy at best.
  • The boat has space for instructor plus an additional student.


I have booked off work on the week leading up to 'Straya day, so that week is available.

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