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Hawkesbury 25th


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Hi fellow raiders,

Fished my beloved Hawkesbury today with a couple of mates out in search of our long overdue Big Jewie. Just for the record, ive been chasing that elusive big one for seven years(no bull) and while ive caught heaps my biggest to date is 10kg. Now im not complaining but to not have cracked a big one (20kg+) in countless trips is heartbreaking and haunts me everyday...anyway we launched at Brooky at about 7am, recognised a members boat (Trouble) pulling his boat out as we launched and found out they had engine trouble (hopefully nothing major guys). Motored out to and decided to head downstream to my favourite spot and was thrilled to have the place to ourselves. Conditions were brilliant with overcast skies and just light drizzle, bait jumping around the place i was confident of a good day.

Armed with fresh squid and prawns we deployed our baits. Sipping on our first coffee one of the bream rods goes off big time so i grabbed the rod, set the hook and passed it on to my mates friend whos a first time fisho and he proceeded to pull in a fat 36cm bream...great start :thumbup: I kept telling my mate that things looked great and were ideal for a jew.

Over the next four hours they had a ball with constant bites on the prawns which ended up seeing 6 beautifully conditioned brem ranging from 26-36 cms and two flatties at 42 and 55cms on ice. While all the action was going on i sat and watched our 3 jewie rods, changing baits as they got picked to death by the little tackers. One finally managed to find the hooks and in came a 40cm baby jew (the river is full of them at the momoent which is great to see).

Even though the boys were catching fish my mates friend was coping to well with the rain (we fish out of a centre console) and wanted to move under the bridge but being the kind bugger that i am i talked him into just ten more minutes as the tide was stil nearing the end of its run and i was still confident. Sure enough, after 5 hours without a solid bite the outside rod doubles over. I nearly ended up on my face as i hurdled the seat to get to the rod. I grabbed it out of the holder as wound as fast as i could as the fish was swimming towards the boat and my heart was shredded yet again as i lost all wight on the line. $&!#...*^$%...@&%$...*&^%...i was devistated. I wound in the line and saw my squid mashed up on the line The problem was the fish hit the bait and ran straight to the boat therefor not taking drag so the hooks didnt set. I was burning as it was definately a solid fish. We fished on for another half hour nothong and with us all well and truly wet we headed for the ramp, the boys content with their catch and me left cursing another missed opportunity. Ive now lost 8 big fish over the years and am truly convinced someone has a hoodoo on me... :ranting2: so if you know who it is please tell the to get rid of it, ive suffered long enough :1crybaby:

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You have got the hits all you need is a little luck now and 30kgs of prime hawkesbury jew will be beside you :thumbup: Nice report there as well and nice to see the newbees gettin a few as well :biggrin2:

Cheers Swordfisherman

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That would tear the crutch out of your favourite nightgown as my dad would say! :mad3:

About the only thing you can say is keep backing up and you WILL crack it one day.

And as you said, it wasn't that bad a day's fishing.

Like falling off a bike mate, just get back on and start pedalling.



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Bad luck there jewnut. :thumbdown: But don't give up mate. :thumbup:

It certainly sounds like you've been putting in the time over the years, and you'll eventually get the fish you're after. The wait may seem like it's unbearable, but imagine how sweet it will be when you land the fish you've waited so long for.

Good luck with it mate. Hope it happens for you soon. :biggrin2:



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Nice to meet you today mate :thumbup:

Good to hear you fellas got into a few fish, unlucky on the jew front though, persistence has to pay off sooner or later doesnt it?

Hope the big fella comes sooner then later mate.. :1fishing1:

Yeah the "motor incident" #$#@$#@$%$%$ Everything went to plan, then we had just gone inside juno and the motor cut out :wacko::ranting2: man it was frustrating, as we could see surface action all around us but we knew the smart option was to head back in... :mad3:

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Thanx for the kind words fellas, like i said im never one to complain after a days fishing and just getting out and relaxing is truly a pleasure for me but that Jew has plagued me for so long its seriously disturbing :1wallbash: but ive been so close and at it for so long theres no way im about to give up now.

Trouble, nice to meet you too mate, that was my mates boat and his friend, had i been on my boat by myself as i often am i would have happily asked you guys to come out with me. You did the right thing coming back in which is so hard to do :thumbup: We were out last week in the same boat, launched at 6am, motor statred on the trailer fine, launched only to have it cut out as soon as i put it into gear...spent the next three hours trying to get her going then drained the battery and had to head home. :05:

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