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Weed for Blackfish


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Anyone have a location near Cronulla/Kurnell where there is long blackfish weed?

Used to be able to buy the good weed from tackle stores like Jim Mitchel at Hurstville, Ken Apell at Caringbah or the bait shop at Tom Ugly's bridge etc but no more.

The best weed was the type that had tiny molluscs in it, anyone remember that? Long, smelt great, strands of broad leaf etc.

Ah the good old days.



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7 hours ago, Burger said:

My mates say that string has been pretty hard to come by recently, so good luck!

Yeah same down here due to all the rain. There’s still some down on the ocean rocks where the seepage is running out of the cliffs around the intertidal zone. @Paikea, perhaps you could check similar areas around your way for some.

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