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Learning to Boat


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Hi All, 

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Too short! Understand everyone's time is precious so I will TRY to keep this as short as possible. 

I have had my fair share of Land Fishing here in Sydney, and have always wanted to get my own boat. My real life circumstances seemed to never align, with studies, work, taking care of parents etc. Anyway, with my final professional exams coming to a close in April 2024, I would like to finally get a boat and start my learning process. I say LEARNING because as with everything new, it deserves respect, to ensure everyone is safe and things are done correctly. I have never owned a boat, only driven a side console twice and that is about it.

I also had a boating license 6 years ago which I will definitely need to retake. In saying that, I wish to start LEARNING from someone if possible sooner rather than later. I am not saying I need to drive someone's boat, but to observe and listen an experienced person operate would be very beneficial.

Basics such as, how to correctly load/unload a boat of the trailer, understanding wind/speed, current, drifting when fishing safely would all be things I would be interested to know. Also, how to maintain the boat, cleaning, what to watch out for, etc. I am a pretty obsessive learner so do expect QUESTIONS!

PS - I live out near Schofields/Riverstone, closest boat ramp would be Windsor, but I am happy to travel in Sydney to learn.

I believe all of these things will help me chose the RIGHT boat for my circumstances. Appreciate your time to read. Thanks All.

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