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Land based kingfish spot help needed

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I’ve done ok off the breakwall at Nelson Bay Marina. Around high tide, unweighted garfish on a double hook pennel rig drifting along with a slight current. At the car park, at the very end of the breakwall, or by the moored boat called the Simba.

There are usually kingfish under the Simba but very wary so probably best not to spend too much time with them. 

early morning or evening best but I’ve done ok at all times of the day. On one memorable day they were going off right at the car park at about 1pm - everyone was hooking up.

most of what you catch are rats but there are some very big fish there too. I’ve seen some big ones hooked but never witnessed one landed.

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Let’s go a step further

wait till the end of school holidays, choose a day with high tide about 8am, get there early with garfish or fresh squid, start at the car park chucking bait out about 10 meters and letting it drift with the current, walking along the footpath to keep in contact with the rig. Let the bait tumble along in midwater, and let it get down into the deeper hollows where the fish get respite from the current. 

I’d like to say ‘do that and you should get a kingfish’ but as we all know it doesnt work like that, let’s just say it shouldn’t take many trips.

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