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Trolling For Flatties


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Trolling for flatties is probably not the most productive method ive used but it still worth a shot.

Drifting and casting with sp's with pull you more fish, but if you are on the flats with a reasonably consistant depth trolling pretty most types of bibbed minnows from 7cm to 12cm will be ok. The bib can dig in a bit and stir up some mud which should get the attention of any nearby flatties, but it at least needs to run very low. Run a mono or flourocarbon leader of about 1.5meters and about 12pd in breaking strain. Flatties will take most colours but pink, green and white seem to be a fav of the top anglers with hard bodies.

Alternatively ( and a better option ) is too drift around your prefered flattie ground and try some soft plastics. Dont be affraid use a reasonably heavy jig and try some 75mm Squidgy fish or my fav 3 in pumpkinseed gulps.

Good luck.

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