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Catching kingfish from boat on squid pieces


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Hi all!

I've got some leftover squid pieces frozen from my squidding sessions (heads, flaps, other offcuts) and I thought to use them when going out on a boat next time to try and catch kingfish. As far as I understand, they mostly hunt near the surface? Does it mean the best way is to float the bait freely unweighted? Or do I suspend it under the boat 2-3 meters down? Any other advice?


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We've done pretty well suspending squid so it is about 4 above the bottom. I pick areas where the kings are likely to cruise past - for example along a point where they can follow the shoreline but with water depths of about 10m give or take. I try and put the squid in their line of sight. You are trying to find that one king that wants to give the bait a try.

I try and keep 10 to 15m away (or 20m maximum) from the shoreline. Essentially you want terrain or structure which directs the kings past as they are cruising around the harbour. 

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