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Don't be me, guys

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Yesterday I decided to have a go at blackfishing, and given the swell & wind forecast was planning to go to a safe spot in the harbour to try things out. Firstly though, I thought I'd go to North Curl Curl and gather some sea lettuce, as I heard people saying there's some to be found around the pool area and it was kind of on my way. Looking down at the waves from the steps I could see it is definitely not a rockfishing kind of day, so I decided to not go anywhere near the edge and stay close to the pool, gather what I need and go to my fishing location while it's still early in the morning. So, I started picking some leaves around the edge of the pool when I look up and a thought runs through my mind "wow, that IS a big wave". It crashes on the cliff, spills over and rushes towards me, kicking my legs from under myself and carrying me into the rockpool. There was some kind of a boulder close to the edge and I hit it full on with my right knee and got scraped on it all over while the current played with me. My leg got lodged between the boulder and the rock forming the edge of the pool, and I have no doubt that if I wasn't built like a hobbit, it would get broken for sure. However, I managed to hold myself with that leg and avoid being dragged to the middle of the pool, otherwise I'd have to swim back somehow. I slowly dragged myself out towards the safer side of the area and limped back to my car, soaked and bleeding profusely. It is blind luck that I haven't got any serious injuries from the fall, and in a different position I could have hit my head and drowned in the rockpool with no one around to see me.

I knew the danger. I saw the danger. I wore the spikes. I saw a guy walking his dog in that exact spot 1 minute before it happened, it was about 15 meters from the edge. I was sure at most I'd get my feet wet. And yet, this happened. 

Don't be me, guys. 

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4 minutes ago, Burger said:

Glad all that happened was you got a bloody good fright.

BLOODY being the keyword.

One of the those posts I don't know if I should like or unlike. Glad to hear @sashkello was able to walk away from it.

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Posted (edited)

The good thing is you are able to tell your story as a warning to others. Hopefully, all will heed the warning.


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