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Outboard Age Lookup

Tony Evans

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Hi, I have spent hours on line trying to find the year of manufacture of my 3.3hp Mercury outboard. Model number is,; 1003201FK , Serial number is; 1B592889. Nothing I have found matches. Can anyone help please?



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Tony, I can't link the search I made, but the exact model number for a 3.3 merc 1003201FK is listed down as a 2006 year..

Mercury serial numbers and model numbers are a mess, with mercury, passed 1996 ( from memory) no longer including year of manufacture in there model/serial numbers.

Prior to this, there was another set of rules to identify the model year, So generally, mercury dealerships or parts suppliers are the only go to to get an exact year.

For example,  I got the year of your 3.3, by using the last 2 letters of your model number, Being FK

in 2000  the last 2 letters began with were always a W

in 2003  the last 2 letters began with were always a  A

It's a mine field searching details of serial and model numbers, there's also country of designation letters ( first 2 letters of serial number).

ie. serial number beginning with OP@@@@@  to OP@@@@@ was designated to Belgium

ie serial number beginning with  OT@@@@  were designated to the US..

Confused ???  Yep, as I mentioned, Mercury numbers are a complete mine field.

BUT, for your sake, your model number was definitely designated as a " 2006 " model..



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