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Harrington Breakwall


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Guest bluecod

Owzat has the dreaded red weed come down to you at Harrington/Old Bar yet ?? There was a whole heap of it coming past the Camden Haven over the weekend and with the southerly set in the current running at about 2 knots, it is only a matter of time.

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G`day Fellas ,

Bluecod , I think the Red Weed or a big lump of Kelp led to the demise of that big Jew the Youngfella had on the other Night.

Hookie , Sun was the Ist time I had the Pleasure of driving from Old Bar To Harrington along the Beach , but what disappointed me greatly , was that Harrington too , Just Like Old Bar was so heavily silted up .

Also , there weren`t all that many fishable spots the whole length of the Journey , but there were a couple of possibilitys that looked as though they were beginning to form OK.

Boy is the shit gunna hit the fan , if we get a BIG WET the way it is now mate .

Kroks , Harrington like all Fishing Villages , fishes best for the Locals .

Best trick I ever Learnt for gaining Local knowlege , was to walk into the public bar , look for someone hanging over the bar in Bare feet , and shout him a beer.

My friend , after 5 schooners , you will know who is catching what when and where , who is sleeping with who and when , and the best bait to use for both of the above.


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