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Has anyone heard of a US product called Fool-a-Fish?

Write up today about it in the Age:


Here is the homepage:


It is spray on titanium dioxide which shines brightly in the UV spectrum - we can't see it but the fish supposedly can...

What do other Raiders think?



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Not convinced... They claim that this product catches you the biggest fish, IF it did work, I imagine it would attract swarms of little piddlers to come and peck off your bait. There seems to be some scientific jargon, but from my experience, a lot of marketing uses "choice cuts" of scientific info to market their product and to make it seem credible. But they don't provide you with the "whole truth". They also show a whole lot of people who caught fish with it, but hey, you can catch them with normal bait too right?

Save the money and buy some extra gear!

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