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  1. I am in the process of fitting the battery to run the Watersnake motor can I run the Garmin 4 sounder off the same battery or will it cause interference to the sounder? thanks Norm
  2. I thinking about purchasing a Watersnake motor with a 50ah AGM battery. Looking at a person in the caravan park on the weekend he had a battery in a box and written on the box PWM.He said that the 50ah gave him about 5hrs. My kayaking fishing is on Tuggerah Lakes for about 3hrs fishing and the motor is just for ease. thanks, norm.
  3. Came down to Windang and stayed in the Windang Tourist Park. Arrived on Monday and staying for 2weeks, went out in the kayak twice, no luck with the fishing however on Saturday night whilst asleep someone came under the awning of the caravan and stole my 2 spinning rods and stuffed up the whole trip.
  4. thanks, I generally stay at Dunleith at The Entrance but they are booked out. I grew up there as a young boy in the 50s, went to Windang about 40 years ago and we were camping, now we have upgraded to a caravan a change is good.
  5. Great Noelm, I have a nipper pump and crab traps what about prawning Staying at Windang Tourist Park so I am close to the water, thanks for the information.
  6. Going down to Windang on 9th October for 2 weeks is it worth taking the kayak, never been there before. I target flathead, whiting, and luderick. Any places would also help.
  7. Thanks for the replies, I have a 12v kettle for coffee and I like Franks idea of the frankfurts in the thermos
  8. I have been following Hairtail fishing on their site and some people are cooking at the rear of the boat on a small gas canister stowe. Has anyone ever done this and what are the hazards like going to the big fishing place in the sky? It has got me curious how there do it.
  9. Love the photos, you can't help bad manners. I had just got married and about a year later took my new son to the parents at Coffs Harbour. I also took a mate and we went spearfishing off the Breakwater the wife was sitting on the rocks. We were about 100 yards off the breakwater when I swam done and speared two leatherjacks in a small cave. The water was very clear and when I turned around there was a 10ft tiger shark approaching me, I surfaced and yelled out to my mate SHARK and then swam to the breakwater. My wife said she knew something was wrong as I was walking on the water. I had been spearing fishing for many years, I sold my gear and never went back in. Your photos take me back however the sharks do like seals.
  10. Amongst some old fishing gear left by my father-in-law there is a Steelite reel in various sizes.
  11. I will try a Ebay, thanks for the replies,
  12. I have lost or missed placed my black fishing gear. While at The Entrance 2 months ago, my landing net was stolen and I think my blackfish gear or it is in my boat. I am at The Entrance now and whilst packing the caravan could not find my gear. The rig was a Jarvis Walker Black Queen rod with an Avley blackfish reel. I have a Wilson Blackfish rod waiting at BCF when I get back, what type of reel should go on the rod? The sad part about all of this is to replace the Alvey which had a floating line. Thanks, Norm
  13. Has anybody caught hairtail yet or is it too early, tried Waratah Bay on the new moon, and got nothing.
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