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  1. You’re not alone - trust me !
  2. Mate that’s epic ! Congratulations! And an awesome report with fantastic photos!
  3. The one year thing was a case of shoot first , ask questions later ! The DPI and the minister knew all too well that the scientific evidence would have squashed the idea of a fishing ban so they conveniently ignored it . We ( rec anglers) have to tread very carefully here because this ban has set a dangerous precedent- if the government can just roll in and ban something without any research, public consultation or any evidence that it was needed then this will not be the last ban they impose upon rec fishing ! Every time a minority party jumps up and down having a hissy fit or uses what is essentially extortion tactics in parliament to get what they want the government of the time will simply give them what they want to shut them up .
  4. It is the southern end of Lake Macquarie Noel.
  5. I lived there for a year in 2007- nice place ! link to dpi map https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/680450/Map-lakemacquarie.pdf Below I have added a few spots I used to fish for flathead usually using prawns or half pilchard as bait . ( red circles) I never put traps for crabs out as it was illegal back then but is permitted now - link to post on here about it if I were going to try for a crab I would do it in the yellow circles as this is an extensive shallow area with lots of weed and not much current . If you want to fish the main inlet channel ( Swansea to the ocean ) stick to the last and first hour or so either side of a tide change as the curren rips through here hard . Please don’t swim in the lake unless it is in a caged area or shallow with good visibility as there are some humongous sharks in there - especially around pulbar island. I used to swim in the clear shallow water around the islands in the main channel at Swansea . There are two tackle stores there - one on the south west side of Swansea bridge and another at marks point ( this one has a YouTube channel also that does a weekly fishing report every Friday ) sorry can’t name them on here due to site rules - they will be easy to find by doing a search on the internet. Unless they have updated it the ramp at chain valley bay is only very small - I wouldn’t want to launch anything bigger than 4.5 m tinny there . Sometimes I could catch poddy mullet at the ramp also .
  6. Anyone want to have a guess how long it will be before they deem them a “threatened species “ and turn every headland in NSW into a protected habitat zone - no fishing , no diving , no nuthin !
  7. This is from the DPI Fisheries Facebook page - posted about an hour ago . https://www.facebook.com/share/p/YZXJhoBUayvTDcZa/?mibextid=WC7FNe And for those that don’t do Facebook:
  8. If what I watched on the budget estimates review where minister Moriarty was questioned on many occasions about various things relating to this ban is anything to go by DPI doesn’t know when it will take place nor do they know why it was enacted . Scary stuff for us fishos ! The feeling of contributing to rec fishing by paying my fishing fee is now well and truly gone for this fisho .
  9. Just gotta keep at it ! From what i have seen on social media there ain’t a lot of flathead around .
  10. I used to fish for them back then but sort of lost interest once the cold started to get to me as I got older . I would have devastated if it was a pb flattie 😭😭😭😭
  11. Thank Zoran! I had a sneaking suspicion that it was going to be tough going as my mate fished there a week or two earlier and caught bugger all . I fished half tide rocks a few weeks back and caught bugger all , the fish had moved from their usual holding spot to a place where we never used to get them - maybe the result of the recent dredging? Also my mate decided to fish a whole pilly and got two flatties while I fished a half pilly and got zip - not even a bite ! Work that one out ! Very strange times up there !
  12. I seen a few guys at the ramp cleaning blue spots but they weren’t big from what I saw .
  13. It has been 30+ yrs since I last ate one - forgotten what they taste like !
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