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  1. u got loch ness in that video, i dont know about you but i would rather go head first in the water than let some1 else take the rod off me...... You can see how quick they all scattered as soon as it snapped. Btw, my 2 c was it was a Ray.
  2. Mate im supposed to go on the 13th up that way, but looking by the forecast the only jigging we will be doing on the weekend is jigging a Tea Bag into our mug...... hope it forecast gets better though, they are out there in numbers
  3. Good reels, BUT doesnt have the drag pressure <5kg Saying this though i own both a ABU 7000 and also the ABU 10000BG, both great but i wish the ratios were higher
  4. 3/0 live baiting???? Letting a king run???? i dont know but i think your fishing for whiting..... not kings
  5. LOL!! he gave you credit for the skippering......now you want credit for the tackle???? come on bud.....be fair.
  6. i wish my father lived where yours does
  7. Tsk Tsk Tsk No mention of the skipper who kept the boat in perfect position for your line to follow the jig straight down??? come on Tony.....share some of the credit around :)
  8. Well done Tony..... Thats got to be a 1st....jigging browns.... a little birdy told me you jigged a nice fish, you get full points for being able to pull that fish up from the bottom....Well done.... Also..... nice seeing a post from you again, if only you post half the fish you catch... people will freak out
  9. Greg i used to hit long reef in a 4.1m Alf Stessl with a 30hp on the back, obviously the days had to be picked but shouldnt be a problem @ all... As for squid...... they really are EVERYWHERE!!!..... just find shallow areas, rocky,kelp or grassy areas are all sure things, a good place to start would be quarrintine bay. Saying that i used to think that there was "Secret" squid spots, but i have caught them everywhere, Balmoral is another popular spot. Obviously every1 has their little spot X that performs well and every now and then the surprise by catch, i caught 2 squid on Fri 50cm+ whilst fishing for kings.....silly creatures. Good luck with the snapper, let us know how you go.
  10. Look @ the size of that thing................ i think we know who is boss
  11. Done let us know where and we are they why cant it be sat/sun?? why the delay between dates cheers.... Also Cost??
  12. im in 2............ just got my vhf so i need to do it.........name the time place and cost cheers
  13. Farrkkk i know the feeling of losing fish to sharks..... it sux. Still enjoyable fishing though.... awesome info in your reports
  14. Thats 1 Mother of a report, well done
  15. Its a flying gaff..... i dont know about you but i dont want to holding onto a gaff with a angry shark on the other end. i took one, ill post it on soon
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