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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for one or two beginner rock fishos who want to learn the basics of rock fishing and take it more seriously. There is a guide who does trips (2 people $550, 3 people $650) in the eastern suburbs of Sydney area and has great reviews. Please let me know!! All gear is provided but you can also bring your own. Target species is black drummer, but can also do groper.
  2. Wow awesome catch Snapper, lots of nice varieties. Was probably the pilchards, did you use them cubed or halved? you can pick up quite a big variety of fish off pilchards. To catch more salmon and bigger ones too I find you need to cast further out into deeper water. Were the whiting legal? I've never caught a whiting off maroubra and especially not this late in the year! they're usually a summer species! I usually fish around the surf club, did you pick these up near there? Cheers, Dan
  3. Hey Raiders, Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I found a really awesome video that I feel like all fishos whether beginners or experts should check out. Really inspiring stuff from Rapala that we all are able to relate to no matter what age, background or country you're from. Spare a minute or two, it definitely warmed me up this winter! Cheers, Dan
  4. Hey mate! I'm just a beginner fisho starting out, so definitely not an expert, but I've pretty much exclusively fished maroubra beach for the last 2 months and usually returned home with a feed of something 90% of the time. I usually have a surf rod out with a half or whole pilchard on 4/0 x3 ganged hooks with a star sinker and a smaller 6' rod with pillie cubes or prawns. Have caught 55cm tailor and 65cm salmon a few weeks back on the ganged and usually hook up to 1 or 2 flatties on the 6' rod. There are a lot of undersized flathead around lately but you'll usually be able to find a nice 40cm keeper. As for location I've fished the southern most point of the beach near the rocks, and caught a heap of trash fish (mainly kelpfish). Most of my success has been directly in front of the southern lifeguard building, I find the northern part of the beach to be too crowded into the afternoon. As for lures, wouldnt be able to help you there as I havent dabbled in the art yet! Also ever since the storms it's been REALLY kelpy everywhere so that's made life a bit harder. Good luck! According to solunar charts mondays meant to be a really good day for fishing, depending on how my uni studies are going, I might even see you there! Look for the Asian guy with the yellow esky if you wana say hi
  5. Thanks for the tip, just had a look at some smokers from bcf, boy they aren't cheap! I guess i'll try the shallow fry method for now haha. Cheers, you too sam, hoping the fish come out to play for the both of us once all the boring stuff's out of the way Really looking forward to a month of stressless fishing. Haha thanks bud! I've spend way more time on this forum than I should. Hope the fish are biting for you! Noted Neil! I've kept away from the water for the last week, it's killing me! Enjoy the winter fishing.
  6. Heaps of Salmon in Sydney, been getting at least one every session these past two weeks. Might be a stupid question but are you using the Salmon for shark bait and if so, how well do sharks respond to them off the beach? Tried eating a salmon the other day, it was horrible! Cheers, Dan
  7. Morning raiders! Welcome to my first post! Having started fishing on the old mans 20 year old kmart reel without a clue (or bite) in the world, I've since spent many a night in a trance like state lurking on fishraider and educating myself on the plethora of fishing information out there. Have really gotten into it in the past 2-3 months (probably as a means of exam procrastination) and managed to scrap up some cheap gear on my meagre uni student budget. Armed with squid and fresh pillies, I drove like a mad man to Maroubra beach to catch the last hour of sunset on the incoming tide, when (theoretically) the jews are feeding. Sent a whole squid in on ganged hooks and a 10ft surf rod, and worked the shallows with a 6ft smaller rod with a running sinker rig. No bites for the first hour and only pickers on my 6ft rod, with the sun setting, I made an executive decision to throw on a whole pillie on the surf rod and half pillies on the 6ft. 15minutes later at around 6PM, my reel erupted under the weight of something massive, made some awesome leaps and very powerful runs. All the fishing techniques, pump and wind tactics flowed into my brain as my heart raced, with sore shoulders and tired hands, I managed to land him in the end. Wasn't a jew but came out to be a 64cm Aussie Salmon, not what i was looking for but it was really something else considering all I'd been used to prior were 20cm bream and tiny leatherjackets,this was definitely the biggest thing I've ever caught. I guess the kiwi's don't call them kahawai, strong in the water for nothing! The bite went quiet after that, but I did manage a 40cm flathead at around 7pm to bring home to the missus for a nice feed if the salmon proved a dud (which it did). All in all, not a bad day given my limited experience and the beginning of hopefully what is to become a fruitful and long fishing career, Also when I spiked the flathead slightly above it's eyes it kept moving, kept trying different places to no avail, poor bugger had to suffer more than it should've. Any pointers from more experienced fishos would be greatly appreciated thanks. The addiction continues! Dan
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