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  1. We have been catching cod down in Lake Mulwala. No monsters but something at least. I will make some posts soon. Headed home shortly from a stopover in Gundagai. Weather has been so hot some days 39.
  2. Great report @Larkin You must feel very pleased with yourself 👏
  3. Welcome to the forum. Great info from the members While you wait have a look at the search engine. It will bring up older posts https://community.deckee.com/search/?q="Chain valley bay"&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=or
  4. They will never be a threatened species. The blue gropers have an unfair head start. They are hermaphrodites. The females generally change into males at around 50 centimetres in length, but the timing of this change can be influenced by environmental and social factors. An interesting read 🤭 https://thebeast.com.au/other/transgender-fish-the-pride-of-a-state/
  5. OFFICIAL DPI LINK (thanks Mike) https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/about-us/media-centre/releases/2024/ministerial/iconic-blue-groper-now-protected-in-nsw
  6. Please comment in the post already in Fisheries News and Politics Thanks mrsswordie
  7. https://fishingworld.com.au/news/nsw-outlaws-blue-groper-fishing/ Here is the official DPI link https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/about-us/media-centre/releases/2024/ministerial/iconic-blue-groper-now-protected-in-nsw
  8. Thanks @Steve0 @Blackfish your call Just a heads up, there are 33 pages of identified fish in our Aquarium. Check through and see if already there. Blackfish often contacts the Ichthyologist at the Australian Museum for definitive id. I don’t think we have had any we can’t solve. Great community here, everyone helps.
  9. Most welcome. I think members know what is acceptable content. I am sure Derek will get some raider to have an outing at some point.
  10. I hope you find someone that will help you and give you their time Derek.
  11. That’s about average really. It’s quick once you do it a few times.
  12. I guess you needed to see the whole thread in context to be making any assumptions @Billmack
  13. Congrats and good luck.
  14. Have you sealed the deal and moved yet @noelm
  15. That is the beautiful place you go to each year about this time. Please give us a travelogue when you return
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