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  1. An interesting question that I would be interested in as well
  2. Had a hour to kill after work today and hadn’t been out for a while so headed down to the closest bit of water under Roseville bridge. While I’ve never had much luck there from the land it was that or nothing! Still loving my float fishing at the moment and find when I use bait it always finds its way under one, and today was no different. Had some old frozen prawns I needed to use and got down at the peak of the high tide as it hit dusk. Rigged up a prawn tail and threw it out under a float and settled in to watch the dusk reflect off the flat water. Wasn’t long till the float disappeared and when I struck there was nothing, tiddlers I thought pretty much what I expected really. A few more repeats and a few prawns down and to my surprise just as it was getting too dark to fish the float went under and this time I felt some weight and the drag was being pulled a bit! After a short fight I ended up with a nice little 28cm bream hooked in the corner of the mouth! A quick pic and threw him back to fight another day. All in all was a good little session, worth the trip for sure
  3. Sounds like some fun if someone can manage to hook one of them !
  4. Once again you've given the best information, ive found your other post with directions on getting there and have started a folder with all the information that's been provided so i can refer back to it easily. If every thing goes to plan i intend to have a look for some weed on the rocks or gullies around this weekend/next week and give the wall a fish next week or two depending on work, ill leave the crack for a while till I'm back in the groove as it sounds a bit more technically difficult but definitely a place i look forward to trying once I'm more confident
  5. Thanks macman that’s good info on the spit, will put it to work. I agree the parking in that area is a pain would visit there more if it wasn’t as bad !
  6. Well since your offering waz, I’d love the details about whites rock or “the crack” as it sounds like my kind of place, nice and quiet, I hate fishing with people watching or in crowds. Just isn’t fun for me. And thanks again, I really can’t thank you enough, the details you provided are the difference between a fun day and many frustrating ones trying to work it all out myself. Feel free to PM the info if you want to keep it quiet
  7. Hi awesome information thanks for that ! With Bradley’s head is the rock wall you refer to, is that the jetty like one going out right in front of the amphitheater (1) I’ll stay away from white rock,s as I’ll be fishing alone and don’t want to take any risk getting washed in off rocks thanks again that’s invaluable information you’ve provided ????
  8. Hi All, So im planning to do a bit of black fish fishing in Sydney as things slow down over the cooler months on SP’s, I’ve done a little back in Newcastle years ago so between the wealth of information on fishraider and my past experience I have some basic idea what I’m doing with rig/technique. But I have two questions, locations : I’ve picked up a few from posts and thought I’d try balls head reserve (if I can figure out the track leading to the water) or spit bridge. With spit bridge what area is best (was thinking 3 but not sure) and what tide, rising or falling or both? For both locations. and bait: what is the best type of weed, string or rock lettuce for spit and balls head locations? Thanks for your prized information as I know spots are usually not given away easily hence choosing two quite well known ones to get me back in the swing of it. Thanks Dave
  9. Ps watch the sharks on Stockton beach it’s known for its white pointers, big ones too.
  10. I used to live up that way have caught many luderick from the Harbour side of the Stockton break wall about 2/3 of the way up, used the string green weed size 10 green hook. You used to be able to get for free at here not sure if it’s still around but handy to call in to on your way if coming from inland. From the end you can get a lot of stuff, just watch the waves hope this helps
  11. Nice work on that bream ??
  12. Didn’t think John Dory would be beyond the spit, would be an awesome catch if I did. Would you set the float bait about 2m off the bottom or would you miss the kings and tailor down there as the deep water is pretty close to land 2m vertical drop from shore then getting to 10m+ Depth within casting distance I’d guess , or would it be better about 4m below the surface. Not after anything specific really just want my best chance at a bend in the rod and some fun.
  13. Ok, thanks might try that as it’s simpler, never heard of ganged hooks on a live bait though, will stick with the snooded setup . 5/0 hook looks huge compared to what I’m used to using (6-1/0) lol thought I’d miss fish using that size but I’ll take your word for it and get some !
  14. Hi brains trust, Iv'e never done live baiting so I've read a lot of posts and information on it and have come up with what i think is a reasonable rig covering most options and using what i have available plus buying a few little extras and wonder if i should change anything. The main intent of it is i fish shore based between spit bridge and Roseville bridge mostly and I often get a few Yakka 10-20cm around and thought id throw one out while i was using my small rod with bait or SP's, so i assume id be getting Flathead, tailor, Bonito, school jew, kings and possibly a shark (happy for sharks over 1m to bite my rig off and disappear) mainly in that area? but nothing huge. So my current rod is a 6-10kg 10ft rod i use on the beach but i intend to get 7ft version at some point for this, 6000 eggbeater reel currently with straight 20lb mono (soon to be backed with 30lb braid leaving 50-100m of 20lb mono on the top). The rig would be a black 3way swivel with on a 60cm 10lb mono trace going to a sinker off one side and a 40cm fluorocarbon 15lb trace going to a 2/0 Gamakatsu Octopus Circle hook then linked to another hook with 7 strand black 20lb coated wire. I was going to pin the yakka through the nose or shoulder with the first hook and above the lateral line in the tail with the last hook. The idea of having a lighter line to the sinker is so it can be sacrificial if it gets caught in rocks and the wire is to stop tailor as they would most prob bite the tail off first. If you can make sense of that description does it sound ok? Any improvements without spending big money? Should i change the last hook through the tail to a normal Gamakatsu Octopus hook to improve hookups on tailor? Thanks
  15. Thanks for that, will try this myself! You may have started a trend!
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