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  1. I dream of a catch like that what an inspiration , will try and give it a go soon hopefully the J curve will kick in and I get afew
  2. Bob your life has been interesting to say the least
  3. Good work I will google unnamed reef lol. The ramp was ridiculous took my one and only for a harbour cruise. Did you use live bait at the reef or fillets?
  4. Nice report. I would like to know how you rig livies for the troll
  5. Many years ago I would make a dough out of the centre of a slice of white bread and use the crust as burly unweighted I could get a 3 metre cast off the south end of the tunks park tunnels lots of poddy mullet. Should work any where
  6. Good haul there hope they are still around when I get out the red as well
  7. Nice feed there Bob I often see a boat in that spot on my way back I wonder if its @whiskey299
  8. Excellent report nice to know Im not the only one who can spend 7 hours to catch 1 decent fish
  9. Thanks for this I was hesitant to try fly fishing but this gives me motivation
  10. Funny to get schooled on Yakkas and then land that trophy good fishing
  11. Well hatched plan how far out is the warm current?
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