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  1. Thanks for all the replies! I just really like using Sunline FC Rock as I've never had any problem with tying knots with it, and never had it break unexpectedly without an obvious reason. I guess I've tried and tested it and love it. I have tried some other leaders with less success. Sounds like it might be a safe bet to stock up about 8-10 years worth whilst it is still available. Thanks so much!
  2. Hey Raiders, I was devastated to learn today that my favourite FC leader is being discontinued. Before it is no longer available, I want to stock up on it. Any idea what the shelf life of FC Leader would be if stored in the dark in a relatively constant temperature? Cheers, Sal
  3. I treat and clean my squid well and freeze them in blocks of seawater. They taste fresh 12 months later - it’s incredible!
  4. Hey All, Just wondering if I can get some pointers for fishing the Georges and in particular Botany Bay at this time of year? Curious about which fish are firing best at this time of year and roughly which areas of the Bay and Georges are worth a crack in the morning/during the day. Cheers, Sal
  5. Thanks mate. Went there today and there’s a sign now saying it will be closed from the 2nd of February until I think it said April or May…can’t remember the reopening date.
  6. Thanks noelm! I have been paranoid about drilling holes or putting screws anywhere into the boat as I read about mixing metals creating rust problems. Good to hear that the installation of the catch & release shouldn't cause this problem. I assume the hardware they supply with the C&R must be some sort of galvanised metal to avoid the mixing metals issue...
  7. Thanks Green Hornet. I can't understand why - it is in pretty good condition as it is and replacing the boards with grates isn't more than a week or two of work. The carpark is what needs work - more pothole than flat land and after a rain it is a mud pit. Do you know when it is being shut?
  8. Thanks for this! Reckon it would be easy enough to manually push a <5m boat off and tie it up where the ladders are immediately at the end of the ramp? I still can't drive on/off so manual launch at mid tide would be excellent if possible... Cheers
  9. Yep, thats exactly what mine looks like, except mine is single axle. I was hoping that installing a catch and release on it and the boat would be straight forward and not cause/contribute to corrosion?
  10. I’ve got one of the telwater/Quintrex I beam trailers. How can I tell whether it’s a drive on type? Anything to look for?
  11. Hi all, I've been going out a fair bit on my own in my Renegade 460 and am finding manually launching the boat and retrieving it relatively easy where there is a jetty extending from the ramp. I'd now like to try new ramps on my own that don't seem to be suitable for manual launch and retrieve, like Murrays in Jervis Bay. I am thinking I will need a Catch and Release to be able to safely drive on to my trailer. Question is: Is it easy to install a Quintrex Catch and Release yourself on a Renegade, and do I need to do anything special regarding the metals? Ideally I'd like to order it online and install it myself but I am not sure if this is something I could reasonably do myself and do without risking corrosion. Thanks so much! Salvatore
  12. Not correct - I have recent experience. I tried to pull the trigger on at least 5 boats before I ended up with one. If the prices aren’t stupidly over the top, they’ll sell quickly with no real room for negotiation - especially anything that is young and in good nick in the 4.4-5m range. Someone I know sold their boat for $5k more than they bought it a few years back, unimproved. supply and demand
  13. I was originally looking for something similar to what you’re looking for, with an initial budget around the same. I ended up buying a year old/50 hour renegade 460 with all the bells and whistles for about $40k, $10k less than the owner paid as new price with everything included. I couldn’t be happier but the market is rough and boats are definitely selling at the high prices they’re listed for.
  14. Thanks everyone! I'll give it a crack and report back... I guess the worst case scenario is that it falls off and I try plan B
  15. I just recently bought my first boat which is a Renegade 460 and I reckon its an excellent size for a family of 4 (it is rated for 5). I think you could get away with a 4.4m open boat with smaller children in bays and estuaries but I think 420 is just too small for what you want to do. Bimini is non-negotiable with family. I have one and chose not to put it on the boat the first two times we went out. Never again. Hope this helps.
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