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  1. Yeah xd that wouldn’t suprise me i never knew if was a public track to get down there i cant say we caught a lot either
  2. I used to fish the ovens at whale beach over 30years ago had to go in between 2 houses and use a rope to get down also got hit by a large wave one morning before we even got a line wet and lost half our gear
  3. Minesweepers and trawlers no wonder its buggered
  4. I was out Saturday tried from 35 mtrs to 60 mtrs for 1 keeper i let go the whole system is quiet I haven’t bothered taking a feed home last few trips but i did score 2 octopus which i also let go on Saturday i think Ive lost my mojo
  5. What a crap thing for council to do no point having a ramp if no parking
  6. Yeah im happy to wait till i get home to flush I suppose flushing while motor is hot may be good i had never seen it done this way before
  7. Bit bored this morning so went for a drive to parsley bay ramp guy comes in a stabi puts it on trailer and goes up to prepare everything to leave i hear the motor start and think to myself please dont tell me he’s running it dry i turn around and its got its own water supply to flush the suzuki great idea i hadn’t heard of before
  8. I recently got checked 3 times in one day by maritime but have never been checked by fisheries , coming back to brooklyn ramp on New Year’s Day I watched a guy catch a 100mm bream and throw it into his esky pissed me off but what can you do fisheries aint sending anyone for that
  9. I only seem to get shovel nose and rays there in the last year but it is my go to spot for squid
  10. Yes they have woken upi caught 6or so at patonga on Saturday but only 2 legal so let all go . Pittwater is still dead if you’re going to skin them its easier to leave scales on cheers
  11. Ive never used an downrigger and a few people i know withthem reckon there a pain i just use a large ball sinker above a swivel im no expert but have caught kingfish with this in pittwater and off palm beach lighthouse
  12. I rang hbird to see about a repair said it was too old but offered 15% off on a trade in (retail price)which brings it down to about same price as others i did say i wasn’t too fussed on features but latest tech makes sense i may have to learn something. One thing I didn’t like about the garmin was no maps for roughly the same price as the others that have them ,now i have to hear about how expensive boat is again from wife oh well
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