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  1. Thanks for the offer Derek, would really appreciate the mentorship and the help. I look forward to meeting you once restrictions ease but seems like we'll be clamped down for a while at the current rate Sydney is tracking. As for what I'm interested in, well at this stage anything that gets on the other side of the line! 😅 I did scout out Clive Park and Northbridge Sailing club yesterday whilst walking the dog and saw a couple of anglers, a guy going squidding with the jig looked pretty fun. From reading up, this area seems to have some bream, flatheads and snapper. I guess I would start of trying to target those and make Fig Tree Cove, Sugarloaf Bay and Sailors Bay my stomping grounds for now. I've also read reports of kingfish and Australian salmon too, though I don't think I would stand a chance with those yet. Stay safe, kind regards Wes
  2. Hi fellow fish raiders and raiderettes, I'm completely new to fishing and have always wanted to try get into it, now with this COVID restriction its time I finally do. I'm based in Wolloughby and went to wet the line at Linley Point on the weekend without success. Any advice to try get up to speed on shore fishing, I've been trolling the forums and been reading and watching videos online. Thanks in advance for all the knowledge and help. Wes
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