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  1. Thank you do you now if you get sharks or jewfish off golden beach.
  2. Does any one now any jewfish spots or a spot to catch bull shark in Caloundra
  3. Hello I was wonder if any has a spot we’re they catch bigger fish in Caloundra that is land based thank you
  4. Hey I was wondering if anybody has found any good leather jacket spots for land based fishing in the sunshine coast and I was also wondering what baits did you get them on.
  5. hey I was also wondering if the drummer are at hat head during winter
  6. Hello I was watching a video that was made ages ago they were fishing hat head nsw and they were catching heaps of Spanish mackerel land based I was trying to find more videos on it but I couldn't I was wondering if any one has caught mackerel land based there and if you have what did you catch them on.
  7. I really like pearl perch and leatherjacket.
  8. I will be using overheads reels for live baiting bigger gamefish like maceral and fishing for smaller sharks when I was looking at the penn squalls there was heaps of different types I was wondering if any of them were any good for casting. I don't care about backlash I am willing to put in heaps of time to fix that.
  9. Hello I have been watching videos of people how recon you can cast overhead reels further than spin reels just wondering if anyone uses overhead reels to cast and I was also looking at the penn squall range and I saw there was heaps of different overhead reels I was wondering which ones are the best to cast.
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