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  1. Flick some live baits (out on the surface (Yakkas and slimies not too hard to burley up), floats or ballon’s and wait for the action. Lots of Bonito, salmon around and the odd king and tailor.
  2. Great report @lhan, certainly a good feeling landing a target species on light gear. Well done.
  3. Well done @Robbo from Sydney, Kingies certainly punch above their weight and not having landed one, you probably though you had a monster - even the little rats give a good account of themselves. Very often you have to fish light to get them to bite and if you take your time and no structure / moorings nearby, you’ve got a chance of getting it to the boat. The harder you go, the harder they go - take it easy as you’ve discovered and you’ll score. 👏👏
  4. Well done @Tarik, you did well to get out, the conditions have been so crook that there have been few opportunities. 👏👏
  5. Couldn’t see the image @Renegade460 😧
  6. Nice one Dave. A mixed seafood platter - well done.
  7. It’s usually not like that, usually the squid (or cuttlefish) are the gun bait, but I always fish with burley and today the burley was fish frames and I guess this turned them on to the yakka filets, which I put out (successfully) for snapper.
  8. Newbie Ty, wanted to catch a Bass on a lure. Because the seas and swell have been so crook lately, it was “freshwater or no water”. I promised him 12 fish before 11am. As it was, we boated 22 Bass, by 9 am and finished up with 34 Bass and 2 flathead by 10am and dropped at least a dozen more, many were double hookups. Once the sun came up the fishing slowed up and I didn’t want the young bloke to think fishing is always a “success” (last trip we boated 30 Jewies and 7 flathead). God was good, the moon was right, there was no wind and the tide was perfect.
  9. Another great report @Hill373737, very healthy looking cod and great pics (as always 👍). Those spinnerbaits work so well on so many different species. I I often wonder what will be the next big thing in artificial baits.
  10. A great fish, wonderful when you can beat your pb (by such a great margin). Well done @Aussiefisherman
  11. Great account of your day. Some great pics - Bass are sooo much fun on light gear and that carp must have given a good account of itself. Thanks for sharing.
  12. A very comprehensive report @linewetter, please keep posting, it’s great to hear young blokes getting into fishing and thumbs up to @DerekD for his selfless and generous investment enriching the lives of others.
  13. Great report (Mike. A Bassday sugarpen?). I could be wrong but middle pic looks like a Tarwhine not a bream, not that it matters, they both fight hard.
  14. What a top effort for the boys - a solid Kingie - such fun to hear “ The scream of the reel”. That Lud, was an absolute cracker Rob, well done.👏👏
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