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  1. Peeles prawns with a light running sinker to J hook goes well and is my bream rig. Too heavy and your dragging the sand
  2. Squid down here has been cleaned up over the break however will get them most trips out. Plantation is my go to in the boat but people do get them off the rocks and at the boat ramp there. Some monster bream, flathead and tailor in currambene creek. Even had a mudcrab on the ramp the other morning which got the heart racing unhooking the boat..
  3. I'm into the young blokes having a crack. Offshore adventures on YouTube for example. Just a bloke out with a GoPro enjoying. I'm sick of watching a show for 5 mins and having 20 mins of ads before the next piece.
  4. Thanks for that. What dont you like If you don't mind me asking
  5. G'day guys. Looking to upgrade my 4.0m fishseeker as we have moved south and it wont cut it for the family in JB... In my opinion anyway. I have seen a 4.9 Markham whaler for sale that has sparked my interest. I love the multi hull idea for stability and safety of 2 motors... Won't like the service fee tho. There isn't alot online regarding these. Does anyone have any feed back or pros/cons. I come from a single hull background cutting my teeth in a seafarer Viking. We are a family of 3 with an 18 months old who loves the water. I fish by myself alot and like to head outside when I can.. would this boat suit JB when it blows up or outside to chase reds? Look forward to hearing some feedback or stories. Tight lines.
  6. Yea mate. Good feed of tailor off shark island. Plenty about.
  7. Ahhh I went flying by in the old quintrex as you released it. I even said to myself woah good flatty!!
  8. Perfect condition this morning!! Went out early to troll for some bonito or the odd King. I sounded a tonne of bait off shark island, Threw out a rapala laser pro and started trolling. Within 15 mins I had 6 good looking fat tailor all between 40 and 48cm. There was so many marking on the sounder however I had a feed sorted and left them biting.. back in early to fly through the glass conditions on the hacking. A few surfers out and I had sounded a massive mark on the screen.. hope Bruce left them alone.
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