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  1. When I got home and filleted them, I looked in the guts. The big one had eaten a couple of feathers from a bird, and a largish yabby, that I was surprised it could eat. Plan to pan fry them with a little butter, salt and maybe garlic.
  2. Went to the Tarlo this afternoon, trying to get a trout or two for tea. The fish we ate a few months back from the river was way nicer than any of the dam fish we've ever caught. Started with a Rapala minnow, but nothing. Swapped to a mepps size 1 in copper colour, and saw a 35ish trout follow it, but the lure snagged on some weed and the fish spooked. Walked downstream to another pool I hadn't fished which you can approach from a awhile back, so as not to spook the fish. Saw a couple of trout jumping, and had a hit, but no hookup. In the last couple of minutes before I had to leave, moved even further downstream, and about 5th cast, hooked a 28cm rainbow. Great! One for tea. Came back and cast from exactly the same spot, about 5th cast again, spraying them around the pool, and most of the way retrieved, hooked up to a bigger one. Actually saw it eat. Oh well, we have a few in and I decided to keep it too. Went 39.5 cm long, so a good stream trout. Packed up and left after the last few casts.
  3. I went to Humes Creek to try catch trout which I know is stocked with browns. Was pushed out of there by two other gents who turned up to bait fish. Moved on to Kialla Creek right in some farmland. I know this spot is stocked with rainbows. No closed gates and the road is on Google maps 🤷 assume that was fine to do. Fished for and hour and a half, only saw one trout ~40cm chase my spinner. Last few minutes there, came back to the starting spot, which was occupied by cows when I arrived, and saw a large, dead rainbow 45+ cm long. Cast up from here, and first cast hooked up on the Rapala. Fought very hard, harder than I expected/remembered, but perhaps a result of a lack of fish in the past two months. Released because I wasn't sure whether it would be safe to eat due to being a cow watering hole. Maybe I'm a bit too scared. 3 minutes later, I cast up to the exact same spot again, and whack, another hit at exactly the same spot as the first fish hit. It felt a bit bigger, but this one didn't hook up and didn't come back for the subsequent casts. On the way into town, hit up the Sooley Creek which is stocked with browns, and and saw a dead brown snake on the road. Only caught a 20-25cm redfin. In all, a successful outing, and a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Seems the fish might be biting again!
  4. Thanks bessell, it was a great fight, too. Thanks Pete, it is. I am too young to recall it being empty, but it is definitely beginning to fire! The other mate said when we were there on Saturday that you can at least expect a bass to bite every time you are out there targeting them. Thanks Kantong Cheers bn, he was. The smile on his face was quite the sight.
  5. Went fishing with two mates, one from Canberra, specifically to target Aussie Bass for a first for the Canberra mate. Not a particularly early start, fishing from about 8am. About and hour in, he gets a hit and a big run from a fish on his chatterbait. It snagged him, but a quick scramble along the rocks on the wall, and he managed to get him in. The fish went a very chunky 50cm long. No hits thereafter, though did try getting a large 45+ cm rainbow trout out of the spillway from above, but spooked it with my chatterbait and then it wouldn't take the small soft plastic I threw down afterwards.
  6. Hello all, it seems that most people here are having a relatively slow start of the year fishing-wise. I was approached by the DPI at the end of last year and they asked if I would subscribe to a survey of the fishing that I do. I agreed and now put details onto a diary to report to the surveyor when he calls me once a month. The details aren't very in-depth, just the date, location, what time of the day, and whether I caught any fish. The guy who calls me to take down my data from the DPI has said that this has been one of the slowest years that he has ever seen in all his years of taking the data. I think he mentioned he may have been doing it for 10 years? So there is slow fishing across the board it seems. I went 12 straight trips at the end of January without a fish which looks like poor reading. 😅 The bloke who calls doesn't really have any solid reasoning why the fishing is slow, but he believes it may have to do with the weather patterns so far this year being very inconsistent, which impacts the barometer and an array of other factors. He mentioned that it was the same for both salt and fresh water fishers. Thought it might be of interest.
  7. That was just locally at a spot I know for viewing them. Not a minute out of town.
  8. Thanks, it was great to finally get one. The rod is the AAS-270ML
  9. Went for a flick after 7 tonight. Caught two redfin after 8 on a 38mm diver black with red bottom. They weren't very big but comforting to know that they are still there. Haven't caught many recently. The fish weren't very big.
  10. Oh yes, so it is. Maybe I should say wait until the cooler months. The weeks leading up to the closed season are brilliant as the trout are trying to gain conditioning before spawning.
  11. It's not too bad, stream trout are definitely nicer than dam trout, they have a much less dirty taste to them. Trout from a stream below a dam are the same as dam trout, as they've just swum over the edge of the dam. I'm not sure what id compare them to, have never really eaten many other freshwater species.
  12. Also, I've found that the trout fishing has really died down a lot in the summer. The best spots in summer will be in rivers below dams, as the water in these rivers will be much cooler, which trout prefer. Try waiting until winter if you are fishing a natural and undammed stream. Others, @R E G I C Y C L E may have a different opinion?
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