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  1. How you been mate?

  2. went trolling yesterday left botany went to southern canyons trolled to browns then heatons and back to botany for zip good water inside heatons and southern canyons but nothing happening cheers gary
  3. raiders we have just put together a kit for 6 meter poles the bases;;super heavy duty adjustable wishbone bases 316 mirror polished stainless ,all predrilled backing plates and 316 hardware ,simply the best wishbone base money can buy poles;;; 6 meter two peace carbon fiber all poles come with line guilds and spears full rigging kit including tagline kit instructions included we only have 20 kits in stock, for fish raiders we'll do this for $1450.00 pickup freight cost on request any questions please ring 7 days a week on 0438264377 please check out our web site for everything outriggers outriggersdirect.com.au
  4. hey henry never hear off a torpedo but live bait tubes or slimy or tuna tubes i used to make is this what you mean
  5. hey steber 19 i just checked the web site its loading fine from my computer i agree with a previous post and would go the outriggers before a shotty pole the idea is to run 2 lures in clean water with outriggers a shotty pole you run a lure way back and to be honest the shotty lure comes more into play for tuna than marlin the biggest lure is your boat thats usually the first thing a marlin see when they look up next is the teaser then the lures i have been told a marlin can see a 50 cent coin at 50 meters not shore if that one is true or not regarding outriggers there are may options regarding bases if you put up a pic off your boat side on i will advise the best option even if it's not one we sell i'll tell you were to get them for the best price you have two option regarding poles fiberglass or carbon fiber we sell 4.5 meter two peace poles in both and 6 meter two peace poles in carbon fiber the difference between the two is weight the carbon fiber are lighter there is zero difference in flex but i will say if your going to treat your poles like crap don't get carbon fiber fiberglass will take a beating carbon fiber will not we always do a good deal for fishraiders well under our advertised price and if your new to game fishing we throw in a teaser to get you started our advertised price for a complete setup in carbon fiber is $670.00 and fiberglass $550.00 being in canberra i'm not going to deliver the poles and help you set it up it's a bit far to drive lol but i never turn my phone off and were hear to help 7 days a week delivery is free so any question pm me hear or email me at seriouslystain@optusnet.com.au or ring on 0438264377 hears a few pics off boats using our outriggers cheers gary
  6. drop in to marine rescue at harrington and buy the local map on the back is all the gps mark you will ever need cheers gary
  7. yes just measure the id off your rocket launcher and the length from the gimble pin up cheers gary ps sent it to me in a pm
  8. raiders new stock has arrived at last and were fully stocked for the year a new addition is our carbon fiber two peace 6 meter poles we will always give fishraiders a great deal that is not advertised so if you need anything to do with outriggers check out our web site outriggersdirect.com.au and then give me a ring anytime on 0438264388 or email seriouslystain@optusnet.com.au cheers gary bricknell
  9. well raiders the marlin are hear off sydney in good numbers with small blacks preferring live baits[switch baiting] in close over the last two days around 70 fa with the warm currant pushing in close Wednesday and Thursday are looking like the best days for the trailer boat brigade to get into the stick fish we'll be heading out both days chasing small blacks on spin gear with live bait or skipping dead gars good luck everyone and stay safe cheers gary outriggersdirect.com.au
  10. most off the hard core marlin fishos are chasing blues on the edge off the shelf and beyond blue marlin make strips marlin like the difference between bream and big snapper having said that to me a marlin is a marlin and only having a 5 meter boat i have to pick my days and it has to be a good day for me to go to browns the run we do is as follows south head to the peak to the 12 mile to the shelf run along the shelf north to monavale head in to long reef wide past the wave rider buoy the fad and back in at north head this is a good 8 hour troll and i have marks all over this run were we have caught marlin mainly stripes and the odd blue along the shelf if we hit bait or birds working we work that spot always on the lookout for action off any sort note;; if the water is sloppy and i can only do 8 kn well i chuck the spread out and I never bring it in till were inside north head you never know when your going to hook up we caught a stripe 2 km off south head dropped a big wahoo inside the peak and hooked small blacks 600 meters off blue fish point
  11. raiders were sold out off all carbon fiber poles and we only have 20 complete outrigger kits with fiberglass poles left in stock if your thinking about getting set up for marlin fishing for xmas i would get in quick there selling fast new stock will be hear early january and we will have 6 meter carbon fiber poles as well cheers gary
  12. raiders an up date only 1 carbon fiber kit left in stock new stock will be hear in january plenty off fiberglass kits left cheers gary
  13. raiders we only have 1 complete carbon fiber outrigger kits left in stock we have plenty off fiberglass kits were expecting new stock in 10 weeks cheers gary
  14. that really does not sound right if he organised the courier it should be his problem if i send anything and it gets to the customer damaged i replace it at no cost to them i think it falls under his duty off care to provide what you payed for in mint condition the fact he didn't pay for insurance is his problem not yours unless insurance was offered at a cost and you declined the offer cheers gary
  15. there are many types we stock the smallest one on the market and at $9.00 a pair i still use rubber bands and release clips cheers gary
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