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What Tow Kit?


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Im looking at getting a tow bar for my car so I can tow my fishing clubs boat. Its a 5.4 meter Quintrex.

Now I have been advised that there are 2 types of towbars you can get a standard one and a heavy duty one.

I know alot of guys who have standard ones and tow boats to 5 meters all day long and others that get the heavy duty one anyway. The ball park prices that I have been given are $200-$300 for a standard towbar installed and $500-$650 for the heavy duty one.??????????? what to do.

Does it make that much a difference? I wont be doing any big trips.

My car is a Ford Forte 1999 modle do any other raiders tow with a similar car?

Can anyone recomend a good towbar place or should I just take it to ford?

Any advice would be much appreciated :thumbup:

Thanks all

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my towbar is a standard.

what you need to do is look at the towing capacity in the cars handbook and determine the limits applied by the maufacturer.

eg for my car the standard tow bar is acceptable for a trailer weight not exceeding 1200kg total providing towball weight does not exceed 75kg (unlessload equalisers are fitted). towball weight should be approx 10% of loaded trailer weight. and if over 500kg the trailer must have brakes.

trailer weight above that (and up to 1590kg) requires at least the hd towbar , hd equaliser hitch, trailer brakes and body side bracing package (from holden).

if i want to tow between 1590kg and 2100kg the list of extras i need is amazing.

your car is probably rated differently so you really need to look at the owners manual.

hope that helps Mark

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I've had 2 towbars put on my last 2 cars in the last 2 years! Say that 3 times fast!

Go the Hayman Reece. By far the best towbars and rock solid.

Ford / Holden etc will rip you off and you will pay much more that.

As well most of the manufacturers will sell you a rebadged Hayman Reece for a lot more $$.

I just had a 2100kg pack put on my calais at Rallyspeed in Artarman , found them on the hayman reece website. They were very professional and quick.

Hayman Reece Website ; http://www.haymanreese.com.au/index.htm

The Quintrex 540 Weight (Boat only): 610kg + 200kg approx for the motor, + the trailer say 340kg

Total - 1200-1300kg loaded with fuel, gear.. the 1600kg in my view would be perfect.

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I dont think that it will matter if you are using it a little.

However there are certain weight specifications to take into account.

Another important thing to think of is the height of the tow bar as this will make a big difference in how it performs on the road.

Check the trailor by jacking it up until the entire trailor is level with the ground and then measure from the tow ball coupling to the ground.

If the tow ball is set at about this height you will have no problems with sway up.

My boat tows as if it not even on the back of the car at all speeds.


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