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Time Machine Auction In Nz

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Deadset, some twisted stuff there, funny, but twisted. :074:

Q. I've got a space continuum transfunctioner. Would you consider swaping it for that? It's a bit rough and ready and blows a little bule smoke but appears to be running ok.

A. space continuum transfunctioners are old school. I used to have one and it blew blue smoke too, just before it blew up. Get rid of it now.

Q. I'd like to go back & see my Great Uncle Rodney when he was 18 because he skulled a jug of beer in only 3.2 seconds & I'd certainly like to see that! I'm pretty sure that I have the necessary skills to complete the project too. I got a C+ in 4th form Science & two sticky red stars.

A. Certainly an event worthy of time travel. And if any one can get this puppy working, its you - with your fancy two red stars, and forth form education.

Q. Will this machine be capable of going forwards as well as backwards it time. I built one in 2052 that only went backwards and I haven't been able to get back to my time. I need one that can go boths ways so I can come back to this time to feed the cat I have.

A. interesting dilema, but simply answered by the formula : dt = dt' . (1 - v²/c²)1/2 which i have designed the device around, in theory past and future travel should be possible. I have sympathy for you and your cat, but when amateurs play with time travel this is what happens.

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