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New Suzi 150


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Was asking for advice about anew outboard a few months back, I finally got

one.A suzuki 150 fourstroke,Got it from the sponsors YABBIE MARINE!!

They gave me a fantastic deal and top serviice,a double thumbs up to Eric,Ben and the

boys at Yabbie.The motor is brilliant and it hammers!Thanks also to the raiders

that helped with advice

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It was a pleasure Adam! And it sure does go! Hope your happy with it (I'm jealous, was blown away by the performance, these new 150 and 175s are awesome).

Heres your now compulsory Yabbie Marine "cheesy thumbs-up" pic mate -




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  • 1 month later...

it was good to "sorta informally" meet you adam,

i was the bloke there asking all the Q's about the poly...

was nice to meet you too Ben and thanks for the assistance :thumbup:

go Yabbie :yahoo:

p.s. that motor is HUGE!


Good one Adam, i'm jeleous !!!!!!! :biggrin2:

I'm certain that you won't regret it.


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