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The Bay Again 27/3/06


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Hit the Bay again today the plan was go for snapper & bream early and spin for flathead later got to the spot just on first light the conditions where great run out tide with just a very light westerly wind ,got the berly going and put out the baits first hit came after about 20 minute it was a just legal red 3 more came soon after but were under sized 29cm any way got a couple more 30+ cm and 2 trevally ,then things went quite I thought they gone off the bite when I got a big hit first I thought it was a rat king but it was not fast enough , it made 3 big strong runs ,the 4kg mono was starting to feel the strain when up comes a 80cm flathead ,it was panic stations as I was on my own and did not want lose this fish ,missed it on the first pass but got it on the second I did not realise how big it was untill it was in the boat ,took a few picts and sent her on her way ,went for a spin but could raise a thing , post-571-1143434265_thumb.jpgpost-571-1143434283_thumb.jpg

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What a day, what a flattie!!! :1yikes: 70cm+ are very respectable. 80 is way up there!!! I'm definitely hitting the Bay now. Report after report has shown good fish. Great job on releasing the old girl!


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