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  1. Hey all Hope you all had a great break, Thought I'd throw up a little teaser for the first vid I've made since Derek's expert tuition. Got a few smallish tailor and a legal bream from the oyster racks on a surface lure from the yak which was a heap of fun. All just practice for the Kimberley. I'll post up the details of our WA trip soon and maybe some of you can throw a few tips my way. 655141023_KaruahTrailer.mp4
  2. Thanks Derek I hope you got a break over Chrissy/New Year, I'm off to Karuah this weekend for a bit of camping, fishing and crabbing so with a bit of luck we'll get a few.
  3. Day 2 of fishing school with Derek. Wow didn't he throw some stuff at me today, we covered plastics, poppers, and stick baits, more casting and retrieves. Must have been doing something right because I got absolutely smoked on my bream gear by what Derek estimated to be a 70 odd cm king and didn't my little sienna sing unfortunately my leader knot failed after a spirited little tussle, this resulted in me learning the FG knot over lunch. Also managed a decent Taylor also on a plastic this time on the medium gear so no problem in landing this one. I can't believe the difference Derek's coaching has made in just a week and two sessions, I can't believe how much I've learned under his guidance. Sure there is still a long way to go but I am so much a better angler than I was just a week ago. Had the time of my life today, I'm frothing to get out and practice my new found skills over the chrissy break, land a few fish and get myself ready to tackle some big stuff over west. 319591269_5662791950470356_3275710298446938343_n.mp4
  4. Cheers mate, Thanks for the subscribe. Yeah the tailgate seal works a treat.
  5. G’day Raiders Had my first mentoring session with Derek yesterday and what am eye opener, I never realised there was so much science behind fishing, I got a physics lesson and a psychology lesson. It went a little like this let’s see you tie this lure on. Yep we’ll change that Let’s see how you hold the rod. Yep we’ll change that Let’s see you cast, Yep we’ll change that. It was clear after the first 15 minutes, I didn’t have a clue and that’s exactly why I reached out because after all I’m a four wheel driver that likes to fish not fisho that likes to 4wd. But heading off to W.A. next year I wanted a red hot crack at some of the awesome species that inhabit the waters over west. I spent 5 hours with Derek yesterday and I am absolutely blown a way with the improvement. I am casting at least 40% further and 300% more accurate just after one session, I can even cast left handed and one handed, something I’ve never done before. I gave no thought to things like bail arm positions and would frequently have the bail arm snap closed on a cast, now I give no thought to bail arm position and never have it snap shut just how I position my hand and fingers on the rod and reel. And he is the absolute master of analogies and metaphors that just helped me make sense of why to do something a certain way or how to position the rod in my hand. The value of having someone there to observe and critique, especially when an old bad habit would creep back in unnoticed by me but not by Derek’s eagle eye. It blows me away just how knowledgeable and generous Derek is, to take on someone he’s never met before and give so freely of his time and knowledge. Thanks Mate. I can’t wait for next week when we get to spend a whole day together. I reckon those fish in W.A. are feeling a little worried right now
  6. Sounds good mate, I've sent you a DM, let's catch up for a beer and discuss.
  7. Hey all Been a while since I've been on here and this may be a weird request but here goes. I’m a content creator in the 4wd and camping space and have developed a bit of a reputation as a hopeless fisherman especially on camera . I also work for ARB so 4wdriving and camping is something I live and breath not just for fun but as a living as well. I love fishing and would like to incorporate more of this into my vids, it just makes for better viewing if I actually catch a fish now and then and land based is something that really interests me as we don’t take a boat on most of our adventures. We’ve got big plans for 2023 for the channel and will be heading up into the Kimberley and down the coral coast of W.A. then down into the Eyre Peninsular and I reckon a video where I learn to fish as part of the prep for our big W.A. adventure would be fantastic so I'm looking at producing a series of videos as we get ready for the trip and one i'd like to be about me learning to become a better fisherman. If there is anyone here that would like to be part of this project or even better anyone who has a fishing channel that would be open to doing a collaboration please let me know. You can reply here or shoot me an email wewentthatawayadventures@gmail.com or via any of our socials below We aren’t a large channel but we are certainly growing with 5000 followers and Facebook and around 420 on both Insta and YouTube which are both relatively new. Below are links to our socials https://www.facebook.com/wewentthatawayadventures/ https://www.instagram.com/wewentthatawayadventures/ https://www.youtube.com/c/WewentthatawayAdventuresAustralia Cheers Rob
  8. Heading down there in a couple of weeks time and taking the yak. Hope they're still on the bite when I get there
  9. Cheers Mate I'll look into that love the compact size.
  10. Cheers Donna Yeah it's been a while been flat out with producing 4wd touring videos and our Country Pub series. The fishing gear has been in the shed gathering dust but you can't head off to the Cape and not have a fish can ya?. Hopefully we'll get a few good ones to both make me happy and make great footage at the same time. Win Win. Tell Stewy thanks for the tip.
  11. Thanks mate, there will be plenty of footage the trip is to film 8 4wd episodes for our social media channels as well as a heap of Pubs up there for our Country pubs series. I'll post a few links up once they go to air.
  12. We had it happen to us at Karuah put the pots out at dusk, heard a boat while we were in the swag in the early hours of the morning but didn't think much of it. Paddled out next morning to lift them up and all 4 raided. Not like they're expensive the mongrels could just go buy they're own.
  13. Cheers again. Yes that's exactly what you want 👍
  14. Cheers Hoods Mate a 107cm Barra I'd be beside myself, I'll be happy just to get one full stop. Fly fishing a bit outside my skill set but yeah I'll pack the spin gear. I'm also taking my crab traps with me, hopefully I get a few and the lizards don't destroy them all. Pretty excited about chucking oysters up in Cape Melville.
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